Naming Ceremonies

A Naming Ceremony welcomes your child into the community and formally be stows their name. It is not a legally binding or religious ceremony but celebrates a significant signpost in the lives of your family. As parents you are recognised for this transitional time in your lives and you have an opportunity to declare your promise of love and commitment for your child throughout its life.

The ceremony is a joyous event shared by your family and friends and often includes God parents or mentors. The choice and meaning behind your child’s name and the role of the Godparents are often included in the ceremony. The inclusion of music, readings and symbolism is also important and a blessing for your child can be included, if wanted.

A Naming Ceremony can also be included in a Marriage or other ceremony. Sometimes there are other children in the family who have not had a Naming Ceremony or there is a blending of families – they too can be a part of one ceremony.

All of these aspects and more are discussed at our meetings to ensure that the ceremony meets your needs and hopes. My fee is $300.00.

As keepsakes, you receive:

  • Naming Certificate
  • Booklet of the ceremony
  • Framed copy of Parents/Godparents’ message/poem


My fee for a Naming Ceremony is $400.00.